What is a building broker?

A building brokerage is an independent and unbiased service, which has the expertise and connections to match each client with the best professionals for the job.

Why haven’t I heard of this approach before?

Building brokers are relatively uncommon in New Zealand, but with more Kiwis choosing to build their own homes they offer a reassuring alternative to group home builders.

Why should I choose Aurum?

We are the longest standing building brokerage in Canterbury, and have helped create over 600 homes, saving our clients time, money and hassle with every build.

Will my home come with a guarantee?

Yes - The panel of builders we are aligned with offer a Certified or Master builders Insurance contract

How many builders do you work with?

Unlike other brokers we have a panel of 30 Aurum Qualified builders who we work with and trust.

How much can I save?

This depends but we have seen 'apples for apples' quotes vary from $10000 - $50000

What if I’ve already engaged a Group Home Builder?

No problem, you're still free to talk to us. We work with clients at any stage of the process

What if I want to use my own designer or architect?

That's absolutely fine. If your design is already drawn up - no worries, we can start from there.

How do your fees work?

Depending on what part of the Aurum process you want to use, set fees are in place. We offer Design, Full management and Tender. Alternatively we can tailor something to suit your requirements.