About us

At the end of the day, a home is designed and built by people – and those people absolutely determine both the process and the outcome.
— Chris Seque, General Manager

Aurum was founded in 2003 by father and son team, Chris and Kevin Seque.

Over the years, we've witnessed some considerable challenges for those wishing to build, from the GFC of 2008 to the complications and stresses of the Canterbury earthquakes. Our services have evolved too, from primarily working with investment property builds to providing expertise for earthquake claims.

As the landscape and our core offering have adapted, we have steadfastly continued to expand our networks, knowledgebase and capabilities. Moving into the future as building brokers, we draw on the many strings of our bow to make the home building process simpler, easier and more reassuring for the many Kiwis who dream of building their own home.

Our specialty is bringing the right people together for any particular client and home, ensuring it gets designed and built with proven skills and quality workmanship, at best possible price.